Mobile Education Metrics & Operational tools  
for student success

School Administrators

With just a few clicks anytime, anywhere, you can easily share content, images and video with your entire campus or specific students.  Submit tasks, collect documents and even provide a full financial aid student overview within minutes.  Connecting with your campus community has never been easier!

It's Not Just Another App 

Student Self-Service

MEMO's Student Self-Service app enables your students to complete their financial aid and receive LIVE messaging, campus events and even view academic progress directly though their mobile device. 

Connect our fully integrate-able platform to your CRM/SIS to enhance your student experience even further!


Document Collections

A fully electronic image and document capturing tool for students to complete & submit documents anywhere, anytime!

Financial Services

Offers a step-by- step financial packaging process to ensure all areas of funding are met prior to the start of class.

Dashboard & Metrics

Provides a fully interactive campus dashboard for management and executives to easily track and analyze student data.


Adds layers of internal controls to ensure student data is protected, accurate and administrators follow the guidelines set by the Department of Education.

Mobile Student Engagement

Three-way communication interface for students, faculty and staff to engage throughout the student life cycle. 

Student Life

Supports school administrators drive student engagement throughout the  lifecycle of each student.
  • “My staff no longer spends hours each day sending emails, stuffing envelopes or hunting down students in class” 

  • “MEMO has drastically improved our compliance audit results across all  of our U.S. locations.” 

    SAE Institute of technology, Associate National Director of fa 
  • “This is a full service application from soup to nuts” 

    Laurette EDUcation Executive of financial aid 

Indiana Massage College

MEMOedu welcomes Indiana Massage College to our family.
  • "Collecting documents has never been easier for us. We love this system and so do our students"
    -Director of Financial Aid