Self-Service Financial Aid

MEMOedu’s Mobile App enables your students to complete their financial aid, capture documents, receive LIVE messaging, execute documents and view academic progress directly though their mobile device.
Connect our fully integrate-able platform to your CRM/SIS to enhance your student experience even further!

Document collection makes MEMOedu a paperless solution.

Electronic File Cabinet for Students and Staff


A fully integrated electronic image and document capturing tool for your students. No more setting appointments to obtain documents and signatures.

Mobile Signature

Students can sign documents from their mobile device in seconds. Maximize technology to improve document collection timeframes and reduce the chase.

Easy Task

The Student Task Manager tracks and stores all your student requests. With built-in reminders, students receive a reminder until each task is completed.

Mobile Payment

Students can now access real-time financial information and easily make a payment through their mobile device 24/7.

Video Chat.

Provides students a virtual option to receive face-to-face support from your school staff. Schedule virtual appointments for students and parents to assist them through their enrollment journey.


Our Two-way messaging features sends emails, mobile messages, attachments and invites through our secure messaging system. Contact individual students, groups or your entire campus in seconds.

Download The App

MEMOedu develops mobile and web solutions for schools to enhance the student life cycle by using technology students have, not need. Ready to download today. Ready for use today.

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Manage Your Campus Stats 24/7 To Drive Improvement

Did you Know? The average executive wastes six weeks annually searching for important documents lost in among the clutter. -Wall Street Journal

Our interactive reporting dashboards breaks down every piece of pertinent data with the tip of your fingers. Avoid spending hours compiling reports and data to capture a specific segment of your population. Save time, energy and drive business results.