Student Life    

One-click Job Applicator &  Job Placement Manager

Just one-click allows students to apply for jobs in seconds. 

Job Manager tracks placement rates, student resumes and recruiters looking to hire your students! 
Calendar & Appointment Manager 
You can now schedule student appointments through your Admin web-portal.

Create personal student appointments or invite your entire campus to seminars and town hall events. 
Augmented Reality
Create interactive classroom assignments and marketing material without being a coding genius.

Upload the content & we do the rest!  
Student Surveys
Send instant student surveys and export your results by groups or by individual responses. 

Campus News & Media
Keep your students current with news articles and campus events.

Display student videos, portfolios, showcases or share your weekly podcast with your c.
Student Self-Service
Provide your students the tools they need to be successful. Share account details, events, deadlines and much, much more!

All from one centralized location.
The self-service feature allows students to find all their academic and financial information in one centralized location. 
Amanda Day, Assistant Financial Aid Director
MEMOedu has provided a tremendous boost in our student communication campaigns. Staying connected with prospects is a breeze thanks to it's mobile three-way communication feature.
Paulette Anderson, VP of Enrollment & Marketing