Financial Services

Award Letter Automation

With MEMOedu you can create manual financial student overviews prior to enrollment.

Once enrolled, integrate your app with your CRM/SIS to generate personalized mobile Award Letters. 

Have your student's awards changed? Don't worry, data transmissions occur every 5 minutes! Any changes will update automatically for each student.
Financial Student Checklists & Folders

Is your staff spending hours creating student folders, filing student forms and completing manual student checklists?

Virtual Student Checklist

MEMOedu offers a fully customizable Financial Services Checklist for your students. 

Whether a student is using Financial Aid, Veteran Benefits, a Cash Payment Plan or a combination of funding sources, MEMOedu can accommodate your school needs. 

Tell us what your checklist 'must haves' are!  
Checklist Dashboard

Your Financial Services Module includes your very own Financial Checklist Dashboard. 

Gather a snapshot of your students with open financial requirements and track the number of days students spend on each checklist step.

Have multiple starts per year? No problem. Your dashboard allows users to filter between cohorts, award years or start dates.
Automated Notifications

The days of sending daily student email reminders are over. Setup automated notifications for students with missing documents, tuition payment  reminders, electronic exit counseling communication and more!

Customize your automated financial aid notifications and let MEMOedu do the rest.