MEMO Technology


  • Digital Documents
    Convert your current documents into digital forms enabling students to complete requirements online or through their mobile device. Once completed, each document is automatically stored within each student profile - no more manual filing!
  • Task Manager
    The Student Task Manager  tracks and stores all your student requests. With built-in reminders, students receive a daily, weekly or custom set reminder until each task is completed.
  • Video-Chat
    Provides students a virtual option to receive face-to-face support from your school staff. Schedule virtual appointments for students and parents, or guide them through the FAFSA application by using Screen-Share.    *Requires staff camera
  • Messaging
    Our Two-way messaging features sends emails, mobile messages, attachments and invites through our secure messaging system. Contact individual students, groups or your entire campus in seconds.


  • Financial Services
    Students can manage, review and complete their financials 24/7. MyFA tracks and notifies students on changes and requirements throughout their life cycle regardless of their method of payment (Cash, FA, scholarships or VA). 
  • Surveys
    Mobile Surveys allow students to provide feedback on-the-go! Create a variety of options; multiple choice, rating scale, blank text boxes and more. Send surveys to a single students, cohorts or your entire student population.
  • Augmented Reality
    Creativity is key when using AR. Create an engaging learning environment for students by bringing your campus to life! Generate scavenger hunts, HW assignments, enhance your campus tours--the opportunities are endless!
  • Mobile Jobs
    Applying for jobs just got easier! Students can apply for externships and Federal Work Study with just one-click. Career Services can manage and track applications, job placement rates and post new jobs for specific students, programs and cohorts.

Mobile & Web-portal 

Customize & brand your own mobile application and student web-portal.

Mobile Signatures

Maximize your technology to improve document collection timeframes.

Hardware Compatible

Our cloud-based software makes it easy for schools to implement without the need to update or convert their hardware. Get your custom app developed in just a few weeks or use our MEMO app to start today!

Department of Education Updates

Dec. 21, 2017
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST SP 800-171) 
Cyber Security Deadline
Dec. 2017
Dec. 22, 2017
COD Processing Update
COD News and Updates, Current Issues & Reminders Added
Dec. 2017
Dec. 27, 2017
Access Removed for Unconfirmed TG Numbers
SAIG Confirmation Deadline 
Dec. 2017

Cyber Security

Web-based software runs securely in our cloud and is accessed from most standard web browser.

  •  software downloads
  • No Malware or Viruses 

Cloud-based Solution


All your data is held off-site in our secure data centers and backed-up daily.