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Here's something you may not know
Total Student Loan Debt
2017/18 FAFSA Applications
15/16 Applicants Selected for Verification
2017 HS Grads Who Did Not Complete the FAFSA 

Reducing Operational Costs

The costs associated with creating, storing, searching for, retrieving, printing, copying and scanning files are growing at a high rate. According to The Wall Street Journal, office workers waste an average of 40% of their workday, not because they aren’t smart, but because they were never taught organizing skills to cope with the increasing workloads and demands. t

Copy, printing & Scan

  • The average documents gets copied 19 times.
  • 90% of corporate memory exists on paper.
  • Each day 1 BILLION photocopies are made. (Coopers and Lybrand)
  • On average, employees use 130 lbs. of paper per year.  (InfoTrends)

Impact of Lost Data

  • The typical manager wastes 150 hours a year (almost an entire month), searching for lost information. For someone earning $50,000 a year, this loss is equivalent to $3,842 annually.  (Forbes ASAP)
  • According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average.